Are you addicted to your phone?

The rise of social media has meant that we as a global population are more connected than we have ever been in the history of time. However, our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental well-being, with the average Brit checking their phone as much 28 times a day it’s not hard to see how addicted we have become.

Many of the creators for these ‘mainstream’ social sites don’t allow their own children to use them. (is that all you need to know?)

Don’t get me wrong, the occasional binge on our favourite social app is completely ok! (sadly even we’re prone to this!)

The problem arises when usage moves from occasional to consistent…

Unlike other ‘mainstream’ social networks, Be-Team isn’t an advertising platform and wasn’t designed to take up all of your time. Be-Team exists to make you happier and more productive. (Not by any weird mumbo jumbo or psychology trickery though)

To achieve this we use an innovative mix of peer to peer networking, community engagement, gamification, & well-being tracking. NO, you don’t need a health tracker to join, Just join and Be.

Do something different, join Be-Team and do small things that make you feel good, together.

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