Too stressed to work? Or not stressed enough?

For our early market we are trying to engage with stressed and anxious people. Perhaps you have had issues yourself in the past that kept you from being your most productive? We understand. We aim to understand you. Be-Team is NOT a medical service; Be-team is on the one hand, a pure peer-to-peer support network full of like-minded people designed to bring the best out of you and them.

We really like this article here. it’s really cool even though it talks about how stress affects your productivity levels at work. Let’s have a conversation about this yes? Are you too relaxed or do you find yourself stressing too much? Did you know there is good stress and bad stress?! Yep eustress is a thing- and our boss loves piling it on…


With Be-Team, one of the goals you could choose is to build yourself up through others. By sharing and engaging we can create a positive and productive environment that benefits all. We’ve already provided the platform, all you need to do is provide the content.

Be-Team is a new style of supportive Social Network pursuing productivity through happiness.

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