We have probably all done it, in our heads or for real. Been nasty and emotional rather than think first.

Call-out culture has massive negative connotations and I speak as a member of gen Z (born after 1995). You can’t be genuine or authentic if you’re too scared of the reaction. Have you been guilty of this? Or even a victim? 
We at Be-Team think we have answers.

So what is ‘call-out culture’? It’s a set of attitudes, beliefs, norms, and phrases belonging to someone that promote an aggressive response to people who express different views from their own.

It is common in both right and leftist circles (sorry for bringing politics into this) and is purportedly used to force people to recognise their subconscious biases and “internalised bigotry”. Unfortunately, the tactics used to achieve this desired outcome often include embarrassing or shaming the subject. A further problem is that call-out culture, being partly based on the assumption that many people’s biases and bigotry are unintentional, advocates shock tactics. Calling someone out is an attempt to make them “wake up.”

Moreover, many proponents of call-out culture explicitly discourage “having dialogue” with people, asserting that it does not work. They’re somewhat correct: People tend to double down on their attitudes, subconscious or not, when presented with conflicting information. Unfortunately, “calling out” also doesn’t persuade. Add an aggressive counterargument and it only drives people deeper into their views.

We really like this article listed below, it gives a very interesting example of “calling-out” online and the effects it has on the people involved in the short and long term.


Calling-out online has impact on real people in short and long term.

At Be-Team, we built a solution. We built a social network, for real. We (That’s lots of we’s!) promote a true peer-to peer attitude of support first, ask questions later. (Not, attitude first- get it?).

Do something small, something good for someone you don’t know, today. Reward you. Do it for them if not for you.

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