In my work as a social network creator, I come across important stories on how the pursuit of productivity is really driven by the pursuit of happiness and other positive behaviours. Every week, I share my round-up of the most important stories at the intersection of well-being, psychology and business. In summary, you can never underplay the importance of your team, nor your willingness to be a failure and still survive. I hope you enjoy them!

If you caught our previous article post, you’ll remember we spoke about Amy Blankson. This Week we’ll focus on her older brother, Shawn Achor. Again, this is another person we massively recommend becoming acquainted with as he has an extensive list of studies, tips and talks around the subject of wellbeing and has had a positive impact on thousands of people’s lives. If you have got the time, here’s a link to his now famous TED talk. (

The power of peer-to-peer praise at work! 
In our first article, shawn discusses how positive social interactions in the workplace have a big impact on overall productivity. One to send your boss on a monday morning!

The science of a smile. 
Next up, Shawn tells us about how simply giving off positive body language and smiling around others can have contagious effects. We’ve all been around a negative Nancy or a Debbie downer, and we’ve never liked it. Be the positive Pete’s of the world!

Why you need positive people in your life!
Think about the negative influences around you. These are people who focus on the bad things in their lives and cause you to do the same. You’ll be left searching for new problems to worry over. Negative influencers don’t smile or laugh easily. They have trouble maintaining relationships and see stress as a threat rather than a challenge to embrace. Steer clear!

We hope that like us, you learned something valuable from the articles and that they have a positive impact on your day! Let us know if we missed any of Shawn’s best work or if you have any tips of your own!

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