The mix of wellbeing, glitz and re-born technology turned out to be the perfect combination for Ben Bacon, who signed on influencers and put up billboards, rather than first building a following with targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, as most direct-to-consumer startups do. “We knew from the early days we were launching not just a new product, but a new category,” he says. “I knew we had to have a launch where the brand seemed bigger than it was.”

We are an integrative product adding value, rewards and quality of life to the app user and their previously discarded health-trackers. Combining value in health and wellbeing as a Heath tech company and value as a Fintech company making money for their clients allows what few companies have done- bridge the value divide. Aiming to do what Microsoft Healthvault could not, leverage health data records for health optimisation with absolute and total buy in from the user. Storing lower level health-tracker data with an scientific and integrative approach to helping us stick to our habits of functioning better.

Mission statement is to engage, inform and empower in an empathetic and fun way that brings real value including payments for health tracker data that normally would be dismissed as low value, raising it to high value.

First branding exercise was to get our company logo to the South Pole. The fact that it was with Prince William and the team from the Charity, Walking with the Wounded who already was showing his support for mental health and wellbeing was an absolute bonus. 

 And Be-Team is bringing this cutting edge concept back into health-trackers. We interact with ourselves better if we can measure- Even in our early incarnation as a hardware R&D company and team involved in the QUALCOMM TRICORDER XPRIZE, we were focused on wellbeing and adding insane value. We always had a very clear idea of who would benefit and they needed to know we would go to the ends of the earth if that is what it took to bring them value!

We built Be-team to reflect the trend to have health-trackers give more value than just measure a meaningless heart rate. There is very little scientific benefit to comparing your heart rate with someone else, but this is the simple trap we have fallen into.

‘The only true measure is how your heart rate changes relative to yourself. We (society), now recognise that in mental health how your daily wellbeing is is important. But for Gods’ sake let’s make it fun!’ Ben Bacon, CEO.

And Be-Team is bringing this cutting edge concept back into health-trackers. We interact with ourselves better if we can measure-

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