What do you think about the current state of social media?

At Be-Team we aren’t happy with it.

Social media is broken. Cyber bullies, fake news, toxic social comparison, diminishing attention spans, procrastination. The list of negative effects is long. Too long.

Be-Team exists to fix social media. We are a private social network, removing trolls (sorry Shrek). Add tons of value with different options for you with in-app groups, games that take bonus points from your health-tracker data and our famous mood board! And because we’re a private network, you own everything and it’s all totally secure – all your conversations, data, everything.

We really like this article listed below, it states some of the problems everyone has to face when using mainstream social sites and how these problems might develop in the future.


Let us know in the comments what you think are the biggest online problems we face and you’ll be sure to have a reply from us on why we’re different.

Do small things to make you feel good together.

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